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Our product range in the area of extrusion heads

Extrusion heads for the comprehensive delivery and service program are designed by state-of-the-art CAD systems with our own program PK-Designer. The result is an optimally designed extrusion head even for the most complex extrusion tasks.  Nearly every profile can be extruded stress-free. The manufacture of the contour is flexible, precise and designed that no unwanted welding seams are found in the compression areas. Continuous radius transitions and convex contours are a matter of course. The parts have a hydraulic quick-action extrusion die clamping for prompt format change and are delivered with various coating and hard-facing.

Within the REHARTGroup extrusion heads by our brand PetersenService can be permanently coated on the inside with plastic. Thus streamlined free form contours can be realized, PetersenService can produce profiles that were otherwise considered unextrudable. The favourable sliding behaviour from clay to plastic reduces the energy demand by up to
30 %, depending on the application. If necessary, the plastic coating or the inlay can be replaced – simply and cost-efficiently.

Grüner Presskopf von Petersen

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You will help us to process your request quickly if you fill in our pdf-forms with as detailed information as possible and send it to us by FAX to +49(0)9835524 or by e-mail to anfrage@rehart.de.