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Screw pump construction

We construct troughs

We construct and supply different types of steel troughs for wastewater technology. Concrete troughs are built on site according to our plans. Every trough can be equipped with additional wear protection.

The available options are as follows:
  • Partially or completely hard-faced with Rehart-Verbundpanzerplatte (RVP)
  • nanoseal coating
  • Stainless steel version
  • Wear-resistant special steel


We construct four different trough models for which all wear protection options are available:

  • CU – compact U trough
  • BS – hybrid trough
  • CR – compact tube trough
  • SH – Steel trough for casting


We supply further trough structures for building hydropower plants.

Please visit our hydropower website for more information.

Screw pump refurbishment

We refurbish troughs

The refurbishment of a screw trough is more than pure maintenance. It has a considerable impact on operating costs. Looking at the loss of output due to a larger gap between screw pump and trough, an enormous saving potential can be seen. During refurbishing the screw pump and trough are reset to their original size – reliably and on schedule.



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