Made by REHART

Made by Rehart – with passion and commitment from the very beginning

In 1983 Klaus Schülein recognised the potential in the field of regenerating spare parts in the brick and tile industry. Regenerating, hard cladding instead of throwing away. The name RE-HART was born.

In the meantime, Rehart can also be found in mechanical engineering, waste water technology, hydropower and everything to do with conveyor and lifting augers.

For 40 years Rehart has been developing ideas, optimizing quality, production processes and is always open to new areas.

“Listening to what the customer needs” and looking for a solution for it – Klaus Schülein has lived this motto his entire entrepreneurial life and passed it on to his employees.

Today, 200 employees work in the REHARTGROUP group of companies.

In 2018, the young generation successfully took over with Philipp Schülein as Managing Director and 2021 as Managing Partner.

In the team with the Technical Manager Michael Hausmann and the Commercial Manager Matthias Schöllhammer, they invest with heart and soul in the future of Rehart.

By concentrating on the RehartGroup, the group of companies today realises the change from several individual companies to an international team player with highly specialised services. According to the motto: RehartGroup – so that things run optimally.