Our spare parts in the area of biogas & recycling

Everything from one source: The entire wear protection program and spare parts for the effective operation of biogas and fermentation plants.

The solutions for customer-specific systems flexibly address the most diverse requirements. The versatility of materials and procedures as well as 30 years of know-how guarantee wear protection for highest loads.

All parts mentioned below are newly made or comprehensively refurbished. Except for the pump casings, they are refurbished and wear parts of rotary pistons made from hard rubber are newly made.

Efficient handling and – if required – on-site service provide for reliable processing of wear protection, refurbishment or new production with preventive protection.


In the area of augers, we produce the most diverse types of screw feeders. In addition, we produce press augers of all common separators and auger presses from various manufacturers.

In order to optimize the performance, we optimally adjust the auger geometry to achieve the best result.

To make your augers wear-resistant, we will gladly armour them individually according to your wishes or coat them with our ceramic composite material nanoseal.

Ersatz Schnecken im Biomasse und Recycling Bereich

Screen baskets

We offer you screen baskets for the common separators of various manufacturers and can deliver them to you at short notice thanks to our own stock.

Nahaufnahme eines Siebkorbes


We manufacture all types of rackets for crushing mills. To ensure that the rackets are wear-resistant and thus more long-lasting, we are happy to armour them according to your wishes.

Schläger Ersatz für Zerkleinerungsmühlen


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