Venturing into new terrain with hydropower

We have been designing and building hydropower screws for over 15 years. Thirtyfive years of experience in the construction of high-quality metal screws for industry and water treatment plants combined with our technological expertise make us one of the leading manufacturers.
Our list of references ranging across the four series of hydropower screws is now impressively long and is characterised by a high level of customer satisfaction.

Part of a successful group
A good name lies behind all these machines. Rehart Power is a business division of Rehart GmbH, a company with a solid ownership structure, which for the entire thirtyfive years of its existence has enjoyed continuous, stable growth and is part of the RehartGroup.

The hydropower division
Our goal is to use our hydropower screws ecologically to meet the latest criteria and to achieve optimum energy management. In addition, the hydropower screws designed and produced by us in our own production facilities are cost effective and reliable. They are manufactured and put into operation according to international standards.

Achieving great things together
We therefore do not regard ourselves as supplier of an individual component, rather a team member working well in a project alongside other stakeholders (operators, consultancy firms, construction companies). Our business partners are also able to count on our considerable project experience gained in many different countries.

Our machines at a glance

Hydropower screws

Fish Ascending Screw