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Many companies have already realised that by investing in the surface protection of machinery and equipment, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

nanoseal is a wear protection compound consisting of a 2-component matrix phase and a reinforcing phase made of different fillers. The coating materials are developed according to the required properties and produced in Germany.

nanoseal makes use of the characteristics of different materials. Perfectly adapted to the requirements, the coating systems have extreme resilience and adhesive strength.

Mit nanoseal beschichtete Rohrschnecke

All advantages at a glance


Due to erosion, abrasion and cavitation is found with rotary, screw and vacuum pumps. We refurbish these pumps and protect the material with the ceramic composite material nanoseal.

Where necessary, we replace components that cannot be refurbished. The lifetime of the refurbished pumps is considerably increased by the coating. 

Pumpe mit einer Polyurethan Beschichtung

We also refurbish the following parts to become highly wear resistant:



Biogas plant operators are also looking for solutions to increase the service life of their plant. The parts involved in feeding and mixing have to withstand extreme wear and tear.
For this purpose, we have developed various solutions to increase the service life of the parts.

One of them is the ceramic composite material nanoseal. For the biogas sector, we recommend a combination of build-up welding and the nanoseal coating. The feed rate of the screw is maintained and the main wear parts are optimally protected.

With this process, the service life of the plant can be at least tripled and the downtimes are thus kept as low as possible.

Mit nanoseal beschichtete Biogasschnecke, die im Hof lagert

Brake rollers

Motorshop operators are searching for solutions how to prolong the life of their brake test stand rollers and considerably increase efficiency. We have a very good solution.

Ceramic composite materials
The procedure developed by Rehart and a German partner has been on the market for more than ten years. It is called nanoseal. The material produced in Germany is applied to wear parts as coating and precisely adapted to the demands. Depending on the application the material is applied by means of a spatula or it is painted on.

From old to new
This special surface coating of nanoseal transforms used and worn rollers to rollers as good as new. We are able to coat rollers of all brands of brake test stands.

Mit nanoseal beschichtete Bremsrollen


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