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Our product range in the area of wastewater technology

Schreiber Technology is part of the REHARTGroup and has had the leading edge in local and industrial wastewater technology for more than 50 years. Schreiber components have been successfully used for new wastewater treatment plants as well as for reconstruction and retrofitting, not to forget for water purification. These components have been used failure-free for many years.

How the wastewater technology benefits from Schreiber components

In particular the good price/performance ratio is much appreciated by Schreiber customers. This is one of the reasons why this unit of the REHARTGroup has a record of hundreds of content customers since 1975.

If a defect occurs after years of trouble-free operation, the company spare parts team will promptly be on site at the customer and that without any fuss.

Due to in-house production and the comprehensive engineering archive Schreiber Technology is able to guarantee delivery of spare parts even after decades.

The close cooperation with the RehartGroup companies makes Schreiber Technology a strong partner when it comes to high-profile wear protection, not only for plants and components. The anti-slip features of the ceramic composite material considerably improve work safety in wastewater technology.


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Flow pump station


Final sedimentation





Rotary distributor

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