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Logo Rehart GmbH

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The company REHART

The headquarters of the family-run group of companies is Ehingen/Bavaria. The production premises of Rehart GmbH amount to more than 7,500 m2; the administration building is also located here where the single affiliates are coordinated in the interest of customers.

Courage to embrace new products
In the company’s history new procedures have been continuously developed and components designed and adapted according to customer requirements. This often required the decision to develop new ideas right through to the patent application process to secure development work – a lot of expenditure and input for a medium-sized company, but time and again also a milestone for success.

Times are changing, but quality remains
An engineering company for coarse and fine ceramics machinery is part of the corporate group. Its key component is the extruder, the interface for profitability and quality. Thus consulting belongs to the services of great demand. Customers have their systems checked for efficiency. In this context the entire team is not afraid of third-party systems. The optimization of our competitors’ systems is one of our strengths.

Interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral
The single business units of the group normally operate independently in the market, but also benefit from the synergetic effects of the subsidiaries. Besides large-scale industry and municipalities our customer base is composed of medium-sized companies of the most diverse industries; our main focus is on wear protection, wastewater technology, structural ceramics and plant construction for small-scale hydropower for environment-friendly power generation.

Quality commitment of the RehartGroup
Benefit from our many years of experience and the technical expertise of our development and applications engineering. Our products are thoroughly tested before they leave the premises. Conversely we subject our processes to external tests and have been certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Rehart Ehingen has successfully passed the audit as regards processes, operating procedures, innovation and quality management.
Besides our many branch offices abroad we also offer our services in the various countries. You purchase not only machinery, plants and wear parts, but also quality and security for your work process. This adds with your products, your image and your position on the market.

Bürogebäude Ehingen mit Fuhrpark von außen