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The Rehart Group

In 1983, Klaus Schülein laid the foundation for today’s REHARTGROUP by founding Rehart GmbH. In addition to Rehart GmbH with locations in Ehingen, Netphen and Langenhagen, the Group also includes Rehart GmbH in Thuringia, Durus Romania and Petersen Samara Russia. 200 employees are currently working in the group.

In 2018, the young generation successfully took over with Philipp Schülein as Managing Director and 2021 as Managing Partner.

Wear protection in the most diverse areas has been our theme from the very beginning. In the meantime, mechanical and plant engineering has been added and we are active in the sectors of coarse and fine ceramics, wastewater technology, biogas and hydropower, among others.

Regardless of whether it is wear protection or the equipment of a wastewater treatment plant, the important thing is to find a solution for the task together with our customers and that it not only works very well, but is also sustainable and as resource-friendly as possible.