Coarse ceramics, screen plate to circular screen feeder with Triboforce

Composite hard-faced plates

Go for wear protection made from REHART composite hard-faced plates.
Here you get different types of custom-made, preformed components or high-quality plates for further processing.

Basic materials / sheets

  • S235 JRG2 (St 37-2)
  • S355 J2G3 (St 52-3)
  • 1.4301 (V2A stainless)
  • 1.4571 (V4A corrosion-resistant)
  • 16 Mo3 / 15 Mo3
  • QSTE380TM

Alloys / coatings

  • Triboline / Tribosin: Fe-C-Cr alloys
  • Triboline / Tribosin: Fe-C-Cr-Nb-B alloys
  • Carbides 60% ~ with 2400-2800 HV

3 standard types

Triboline – welded uni-dimensional
This series offers the proven wear protection and provides for security with all wear parts. The welding filler is material chromium carbide.

Tribosin – welded sinusoidal
The proven wear protection does not depend on the installation direction. We produce these plates with the welding filler material chromium carbide.
Tribosin is particularly attractive for the processing industry. The welding lines always cross with the flow direction of the material. Thus the hard-faced plate can be used in every direction. Scrap is reduced and economic efficiency increased.

Triboforce – welded uni-dimensional or sinusoidal
We offer highest wear protection thanks to the specific uni-dimensional and sinusoidal welding procedures plus the selected welding filter material RH-Triboforce.

Special alloys / Special formats
The composition of special alloys, coatings as well as their base material are available on request. Special formats are also available.

Thickness and size

Features Sizes
RVP basic plate Thickness ≥ 5 mm
Single- or multi-layer welding (e.g. 5+3, 6+4, 8+4, 10+5, 12+8 etc.) Thickness ≥ 3 mm
Small format 1900 x 900 mm
Medium format 2400 x 1150 mm
Large format 2900 x 1400 mm

Agricultural technology

Mixer coating

Cylinder jacket to extruder
Structural ceramics
Base plate Triboline
Bridges Triboforce

RVP plates
Lower plate Triboline
Smaller upper plate Triboforce

Mill drum

Screen tube
For dewatering augers