Ceramic composite materials

nanoseal – the ceramic composite material for many applications
Wear protection with nanoseal is a two component matrix phase and a booster phase with different fillers. We combine excellent features with easy handling to achieve a very accurate result - precisely where other methods reach their limits due to various reasons.
This material increases the wear resistance of material that cannot be welded and for special challenges when it comes to anti-adherent and flow properties. Friction is also reduced by this material.

nanoseal is particularly economical.
Erosion, corrosion and cavitation cause enormous damage to production plants, in wastewater technology and flood protection. This leads to machine downtimes, loss of production and faulty product quality. Many enterprises have realized that a lot of money could be saved with surface protection. Maintenance costs can be decreased by up to 50%. Also from a processing point of view, our nanoseal products are enormously versatile. They can be applied with a spatula or painted on with a brush or roller. The material can be cast or sprayed airlessly. Even working above head is possible. The application is facilitated by processing at normal room temperature. After a few hours the processed parts are ready for use.

30 years’ experience in wear protection
Our extensive experience from the last decades, scientific findings and test results in cold-hot tests, salt fog and adhesive strength tests assure our customers they have made the right decision for extremely resilient wear protection with extraordinary adhesive strength.

In addition to standard materials we compose material combinations for the intended purpose. Let us know your requirements and you will receive custom-made wear protection. Whether repair or preventive protection, we will develop the needs-related material composition adapted to nearly every industrial demand.

We deliver the products manufactured in Germany in packaging sizes of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 kg. The material must only be stored dry and frost-free. We recommend our service team for processing. We will, however, advise you whether it is possible and/or more economical to apply the wear protection on site or have it applied by your own staff members.

nanoseal – the proven coating solution

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  • Our specifically qualified team with practical experience supports you from development in the lab to the application
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  • Test surfaces with coating

Lifting screw
Wastewater technology

Pump casing

Pressurized pump cover

Brake roller
for motor shops

Scraper track
Wastewater technology

Wear plates
for structural ceramics