Water lifting screws

Archimedean screw pumps are used for conveying and lifting liquids and semi-liquid materials. They are highly efficient and thus very economical. They are particularly suitable for transporting large discharge flows to specified discharge heads.

  • In the Netherlands they are used to drain polders
  • Elevators are installed along flood-hazard rivers for flood protection
  • Modern wastewater treatment plants are equipped with an elevator with lifting screws at the inlet
  • In industrial applications they are used to quickly transport process water

The designs of an Archimedean screw pumps are as manifold and versatile as their tasks. For more information about water lifting screws, use and appropriate troughs form visit our hydropower website at www.rehart-power.de

Water lifting screw – Type CU
Compact U trough

Water lifting screw - Type BS
Hybrid trough

Water lifting screw - Type CR
Compact tube trough

Water lifting screw – Type B
Concrete trough

Water lifting screw – Type SH
Steel trough for casting