Screening washing station


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Screening washing station

Screening washing stations by Schreiber can reduce the cleaned volume up to 80 %, with a percentage of dry substances of up to 40 %. The extrusion head with short friction tube is assembled in front of the discharge pipe. This ensures optimum drainage and prevents blockage by compressed screening, even with a relatively long discharge pipe.

Facts at a glance

  • Individually adapted discharge pipe
  • EX-protected, different types of stainless steel available
  • Washing stations controlled by the separate control box on-site
  • Low maintenance, only gear oil has to be replaced according to defaults
  • Pre-assembled ex works, short assembly periods


  • Sink pipe with plastic tube box for hygienic and odor-free storage of the pressed screening
  • With washing facility
  • With guide rails and rollers, thus movable
  • Different frame sizes, one-tier or two-tier
  • Cost-effective, one-tier model, here the screening is directly conveyed to a screw conveyor and screw press
  • Two-tier screening washing station for greater demands
    The cleared screening is cleaned, drained and pressed
  • Volume reduction up to 80%
  • Dry substance content of screening up to 40 %

Series RWP 80 und 120 RWP 2S (two-tier) RWP 1S (one-tier)
Volume reduction Up to 80 % Up to 55 %
Dry substance content of screening Up to 40 % Up to 35 %