Double grid fine screen


Municipal wastewater technology
Industrial wastewater technology

Double grid fine screen

The double grid fine screen separates solids from liquids. To this end, Schreiber Technology developed an innovative interlinking of lamellas and installation angle. Compared with the robust counter flow system the formation of a screening carpet is perfectly supported and not destroyed during transport.

The robust, modular structure of the double grid fine screen is easily installed into a chute with and without bed drop. The screen is equipped with a pivoting mechanism for fine adjustment and potential maintenance. Lateral seals channel the flow of wastewater through the filter unit. The double grid fine screen by Schreiber is EX-protected, a range of different stainless steel is available.

Advantages at a glance

  • Encapsulated screen
  • Step screen system
  • Stainless steel lamellas and installation angle
  • Innovative interlinking of lamellas
  • Robust counterflow system
  • Maintenance-free carpet transport
  • Minimization of roller formation in chute bed
  • Deadlocks reduced by open ends of lamellas
  • Maintenance-friendly drive mechanism above the waterline
  • Screen must not be pivoted from the chute
  • Pre-drained screening is discharged for instance into a wash press by Schreiber for further treatment
  • No chains, clamps, joints etc., thus hardly any wear
  • Supplied rubber lips for levelling tolerances and sealing towards the ends of the chute
  • Lubricating and oil change is sufficient as screen maintenance, entirely wired internally, quickly ready for use