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Inflow and return flow pump station

We offer two robust, reliable types:

Closed screw pump
Consisting of an external, fixed screw pump and an internal rotating pipe with welded screw coils. This type of auger does not need an elaborate screw pump bed and is ideal to retrofit existing pump shafts.

Trough screw conveyor
It consists of a rotating core retainer with welded screw coils. The concrete shaft on-site supplies water at the upper end of the screw. The trough is built by Rehart GmbH, also a company belonging to the RehartGroup where they can rely on long-term experience in trough refurbishment.

At the lower end of the screw both types have a water-tight screw base bearing installed. The oil in the base bearing merely serves as leakage check. The very robust steel construction of the screw pump is absolutely maintenance-free except the annual oil replacement intervals of the drive. The service life of these screws can be several decades.

The outputs of the inlet and return flow screw pumps can be easily regulated: by adjusting the installation angle and insertion depth at the lower angle lever of the screw pump via a rack and pinion jack. It can also be regulated via the rotation speed (frequency converter).

Installation angles of 30°-40° are possible. The screws are available with diameters from 400 mm to 1200 mm with overall lengths of up to 12 m. They will be delivered only after functional test and a test run on site. The pre-assembly ready for operation enables very short assembly periods.  

Screw diameter mm 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1.000 / 1.100 / 1.200
Installation angle Degree 30°-40°
Output m³/h Depending on the screw diameter
Minimum performance m³/h from 50 to 705
Maximum performance m³/h from 90 to 1.234

Inflow screw pump station with canopy

Return flow screw pump station as auger