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Grit separator

The grit separator separates the grit from the grit-water-mixture of the grit trap. The grit is deposited in the sedimentation tank and the grit-free water is returned to the wastewater treatment plant. After a cleaning process in which the remaining sludge is dissolved the purified grit is conveyed upwards in an inclined position by means of a feed screw. Water that is transported returns to the sedimentation tank. Thus grit that has been well drained drops into the container provided for grit disposal via the discharge nozzle.

The weight of the organic substances is reduced by the grit separator by 20% to 25%. The separation rate of 100-200 µm particles is 85 to 95%. The grit drying rate is 75 to 80% of the original weight.

Features of the grit separator

  • The grit separator is a one piece construction and can be moved into the factory building by means of light-duty lifting equipment
  • Various stainless steel materials are available
  • The electrical control is integrated into the control room of the wastewater treatment plant. Automatically operated via a timer
  • The EX-protected selection switch with its “manual O automatic” that is installed near the separator enables manual operation