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Grit and fat trap

The ventilated grit and fat trap automatically separates the grit and floating material contained in the wastewater. The grit trap chamber is a reinforced concrete structure provided by the customer.

Schreiber Technology delivers the grit trap scrapers to automatically clear separated grit. The grit trap scraper moves forward. The substances raised in the fat trap chamber are pushed into a hopper via an approach slope and conveyed into a tank by means of an eccentric screw pump. This is carried through via an automatically lowered fat trap shield that is laterally attached to the grit trap scraper. In reverse mode the fat trap shield is automatically lifted.

Advantages of the grit trap scraper at a glance:

  • Driven by a screw drive engine
  • Directional control via plastic rollers at the center panel of the structure
  • Limitation of movement and change in direction via magnetic proximity switches
  • Wired power supply via a cable drum attached to the grit trap scraper
  • Rotary blowers for compressed air required for ventilation
  • Control cabinet attached to the grit trap scraper for integrated electrical control
  • Electrical control for grit and fat pump in the control room
  • On-site switchgear provided for each pump
  • Selection switch with “forward backward O automatic” for manual operation
  • Lock at the bridge ascent to stop automatic mode
  • Selection switch with “manual O automatic” for manual mode of the submersible pump suspended on the grit trap scraper
  • Submersible pump can be lifted, aeration pipes can be removed

Assembly and installation
The grit trap scraper including all applications is placed or assembled on to the structure provided by the customer by means of light-duty lifting equipment. The single switching positions for uninterrupted operation are specified and set on site.

Operation and servicing
The grit trap scraper works fully automatically via a programmable logic controller. Grit and fat are removed in intervals or as the operator sees fit. Annual maintenance according to service and maintenance manual.