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Clear water abstraction for SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)

The floating clear water abstraction system is innovative, robust and has been further developed on the basis of long-term experience in wastewater treatment plant construction. The abstraction system excels by its easy operation and highest reliability. It is based on continuously integrated detail improvements.

The decanter consists of a floating body and a weir located under the floater. The floating body is stabilized horizontally via a parallelogram. Limitation supports determine the lower abstraction point and prevent that the mechanics are damaged when the SBR reactor is drained.

Specific features of clear water abstraction

  • The specific structure of the valve control ensures that the floating clear water abstraction system lies exactly on the water level at all times.
  • The arrangement of the weir under the floating body prevents the removal of sludge or other floating bodies.
  • If the “decanting” or “decanting and removal of excess sludge” is not activated, the discharge valve of the decanting pipe is closed and the compressor activated.
  • In the decanter an air bed is produced by the compressor that is sufficient to lift the inner spill threshold out of the water. The decanter is lifted as high that even during the ventilation phase activated sludge cannot access the area of the discharge tube.
  • While decanting the air supply is stopped, the air bed is not kept and the spill threshold sinks under water level. Since the discharge valve is opened at the same time, the clear water can be drained free fall from the SBR reactor.

Further advantages at a glance 

  • Fail-safe and reliable technology (Cyklar system)
  • Safe retention of floating bodies
  • Limitation support for the lower abstraction point
  • Different standardized frame sizes
  • Simple, robust stainless steel structure
  • Measurement and control technology and compressor outside the tank
  • Monitoring of air cushion via flow meter
  • Free-fall clear water abstraction
  • Very good price/performance ratio

SDK 150 SDK 250 SDK 350 SDK 450
Q dimensioning m³/h 250 600 875 1190
Q max. m³/h 300 700 1100 1430
Diameter of floater mm 1000 1800 2400 3000
Diameter of weir threshold mm 900 1400 2000 2600
Diameter of drainage pipe DN 150 250 350 450
Max. water level difference mm 3200 3152 2828 2828
Weight kg 350 490 930 1250