Open web girder bridgeOpen web girder bridge


Municipal wastewater technology
Industrial wastewater technology


Schreiber Technology manufactures bridges perfectly suited for

  • Aeration tanks
  • Secondary clarification tanks
  • Aeration tanks with interior secondary clarification tank

All bridges consist of a firmly anchored pivotal bearing that is supported on the central concrete foundation. The bridge is supported on the swivel of this pivotal bearing. An integrated current collector provides for the required power supply to the drive engine of the bridge and if necessary to the drive engine of a drag arm.

A mobile air collecting head can be installed into the pivotal bearing that connects the fixed air inlet pipe with the air pipe of the bridge ventilation.

The walkable bridge is hinged at the centre and supports itself externally on to the concrete track side via a crossbeam with two wheels. This crossbeam carries a drive engine with impeller and a rotating wheel that is not driven.

The switchgear is inside the main control cabinet on the bridge. An emergency stop switch is attached to the outside of the bridge – with this the bridge can be stopped and activated.