Screen mixerScreen mixer

Screen mixer

The screen mixer combines several tasks. In addition to an ample mixing process, mixing in of different components and working in water and vapour, the machine is able to separate hard and soft impurities up to a mesh aperture of 4 mm. Additional shearing of the body at the screen is enabled by the patented RSE effect. This leads to an improved solubilizing of the body and lower energy expenditure of the machine.

In comparison to conventional machines a higher output or lower energy demand with the default discharge volume is possible.

Description Unit SFM 800 SFM 1000 SFM 1200
Trough width mm 800 1,000 1,200
Trough length mm 1,200 1,700 1,700
Length of double cylinder mm 800 1,050 1,200
Weight approx. kg 10,000 13,000 15,000
Nominal capacity kW 55 (75) 90 (110) 132 (160)
Discharge capacity (mesh aperture 8x35) approx. t/h 35 50 90

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Spare parts

Bottom plate

Bottom plate


Pinhead auger

Auger segment

Adjusting ring (two parts)

Wear plate

Clamping sheet

Clamping sheet

Wearing ring

Mixing blade coating-holder

Shaft protection sleeve

Movable screen