Double shaft mixerDouble shaft mixer

Double shaft mixer

The open double shaft mixer (DWMO) mixes and kneads different components in the open mixing trough. The mixing knives are freely adjustable. Due to the strong mixing-kneading effect, water and vapour are very well incorporated.

If the focus is on mixing, the double shaft mixer DWM is used. Ceramic bodies are kneaded in the auger front section very intensely.

When it comes to vacuum moulding, the machine with a vacuum chamber becomes a vacuum double shaft mixer. With this solution the ceramic body is chopped up very finely and well sealed toward the mixing zone. This solution guarantees the safe and strong moulding vacuum Petersen Service is known for.

Description Unit DWMO800 DWMO100 DWMO1200
Trough width mm 800 1,000 1,200
Trough length mm 3,500 4,000 4,500
Weight kg ca. 8,000 ca. 9,500 ca. 11,000
Nominal torque Nm 43,000 63,500 88,000
Nominal capacity kW 55 90 110
Discharge capacity (10x35) approx. t/h 40 65 100

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Spare parts

Bottom plate

Bottom plate

Perforated plate


Adjusting ring (two parts)

Hub conic

Wear plate

Liner segment

Middle segment

Screw blade

Extrusion die conic

Mixing blade - holder


Shaft protection sleeve

Beet knife

Sliding brake