Clay purifierClay purifier

Clay purifier

The clay purifier (ZAR) is the ultimate machine for purifying plastic and plasticized bodies. The baskets have slotting holes of 2.0 mm. Thus inclusions and impurities such as stones, silica, pyrite, pebbles, wood, roots, metal and plastic parts can be separated efficiently and removed from the machine without interruption of the cleaning process.

While shelling the body from the auger a shearing effect is created having an additional positive effect on the solubilizing of the mineral body. Compared to other separation methods this is the reason for the low specific energy expenditure.

Description Unit ZAR 450 ZAR 560 ZAR 650
Cylinder diameter mm 450 560 650
Rotation speed auger 1/min 18 18 18
Rotation speed screen basket 1/min 8 8 8
Weight approx. kg 8,500 10,000 14,000
Drive output auger kW 45-55 75 110-132
Drive output ring cage kW 18-22 22-30 30-37
Discharge capacity (5 mm slotted holes) approx. t/h 30 50 80

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