Brake rollers for motorshops



Brake tester

Motorshop operators are searching for solutions how to prolong the life of their brake test stand rollers and considerably increase efficiency. We have a very good solution.

Ceramic composite materials
The procedure developed by Rehart and a German partner has been on the market for ten years. It is called nanoseal. The material produced in Germany is applied to wear parts as coating and precisely adapted to the demands. Depending on the application the material is applied by means of a spatula or it is painted on.

From old to new
This special surface coating of nanoseal transforms used and worn rollers to rollers as good as new. We are able to coat rollers of all brands of brake test stands.

Coating with nanoseal means

  • High adhesive strength of the coating
  • Extremely high friction coefficient
  • Chemical resistance (e. g. salt water in winter operation)
  • Protection against rust penetration
  • Shock resistance

Brake rollers before



Brake rollers after