Auger construction and Auger refurbishment

Augers are the perfect module to quickly and easily convey powdery, semi-solid or liquid material. As variable as the applications for which we produce augers, is the discharge flow.
We produce augers from different material and in extremely different sizes. From stainless steel, e. g. for the food sector and for technical ceramics with a length of 0.3 m, from wear-resistant special steel with hard-faced outer edges and coils completely made from Rehart composite hard-faced plates. We can construct steel screw pumps for hydropower plants up to a length of 22 m and a diameter of 4 m. 
Due to the requirement the screw pump can be installed descendingly, ascendingly or horizontally.  

Robust and resilient and highly versatile
We deliver open augers, for installation into a machine casing, for assembling in concrete troughs or augers that are equipped on site with a metal tube casing. We build augers that we developed in-house, according to customer requirements, ready-to-install, without or with preventive wear protection. Since many applications are demanding when it comes to wear resistance, we offer a wide portfolio to enormously increase the running time of an auger and reduce downtimes.  

Auger refurbishment/Wear protection
If an auger has to be refurbished, when the auger helix is bent or worn, we offer different refurbishing options beyond the new state, even by coating the auger with the ceramic composite material nanoseal. We also refurbish third-party brands and are specialists for augers that are used under extreme conditions.  

Our welding processes

  • Autogenous flame-spraying
  • Autogenous build-up welding
  • MIG/MAG solid-wire welding
  • MIG/MAG flux-cored wire welding
  • WIG welding with cold wire
  • PTA welding (plasma)

Materials that we weld

  • Tool steel
  • Austenitic manganese steel
  • Fe-Cr-C steel with chromium carbide
  • Co basic materials (stellite)
  • Ni basic materials
  • Alloys with tungsten carbides

Refurbishment and preventive wear protection with ceramic composite materials

It can be applied completely or on partial areas. Here versatility is again our special feature to comply with the requests and requirements of our customers.


Part of RVP coils with highest stress

Augers assembly

with steel trough during assembly

Pin head auger

Pin head auger
regenerated and hard-faced

Separation auger

Separation auger