Climate-friendly is our new standard

Climate-friendly is our new standard
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The large photovoltaic system on the roof of the production halls at REHART has been in operation for many years. To cover the additional energy demand in a climate-friendly way, REHART relies on LichtBlick. The provider of green electricity and gas guarantees 100 % “green electricity” generated from regenerative energy sources – zero grams of CO2 , zero grams of toxic nuclear waste.
In addition to the company headquarters, the site in Netphen has also been supplied with
electricity and gas by LichtBlick as of late. REHART GmbH in Thuringia has also been covering its energy demand via the green electricity supplier for some time. In total, the company compensates for more than 330 tons of attributable CO2 emissions per year.

REHART and green electricity – a good match!