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New DIALOG has been published

A new issue of DIALOG - the journal for our customers and partners - has been published.

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Anuj Motghare

Route: Ehingen - India - Berlin - Ehingen

When Anuj Motghare completed two internships at REHART in Ehingen in 2014 and 2016, no one could foresee that he would return to Ehingen in 2019 with a "detour" via Berlin.

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The REHART running team at the Heizomat-Altmühlsee-Halbmarathon in 2019

Things are running well at REHART

July 2019 saw the 34th Heizomat-Altmühlsee-Halbmarathon (half marathon) organized by the sports club Unterwurmbach.

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Four of the big pumps in underground

Underground flood protection

High water levels on the river Wörnitz regularly lead to flooding in Wassertrüdingen. The Free State of Bavaria and the city of Wassertrüdingen have been investing in flood protection to protect the premises of the horticultural show and the residents better.

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the Hausen hydropower plant

You learn from your mistakes

REHART replaces faulty hydropower screws

With much excitement, the largest hydropower plant built by REHART, the Hausen hydropower plant, went into operation in summer 2011. The plan was that two screws with a diameter of 3.4 meters each and a total output of 500 kW use the power of the water in the Black Forest to generate environmentally friendly energy.
The plant has done exactly that over the past 8 years. However, after some 5 years of operation, it turned out that the weld seams on the screw coils in the outlet could not hold up to the large loads.

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The trade show team in Japan

Hydropower in the capital of Japan

In March 2019 the 11th GWPE (Global Warming Prevention Exhibition) exhibition took place in Tokyo/Japan. With more than 100 exhibitors and ca. 100,000 visitors, GWPE is the largest exhibition for environmental protection and renewable energies in the Asiatic region and therefore an important rendezvous for the sector.

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Assembly of the pipe distributor

Flood protection for Wassertrüdingen

High water levels on the river Wörnitz regularly lead to flooding in Wassertrüdingen. The Free State of Bavaria and the city of Wassertrüdingen have been investing in flood protection to protect the premises of the horticultural show and the residents better.

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Philipp and Klaus Schülein

Let the children take command ...

In his hit “Kinder an die Macht” in 1985, the German singer, Herbert Grönemeyer was heard to sing the praises of giving “power to the children”. Klaus Schülein, Managing Partner of REHART GmbH, has followed this piece of advice and appointed his son, Philipp as Managing Director of REHART GmbH as of 01.01.2019.

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The REHART hiking group at Stutzalpe

Ain’t no mountain high enough …

Some 25 hiking fans from all departments of REHART GmbH in Ehingen were happy to accept the invitation of the Management and join in on the 1st REHART Hiking Weekend. In good spirits, the marching troop set off on Friday afternoon – heading for the chalet, Wildentalhütte in Kleinwalsertal.

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An interested schoolgirl welding her tablet mount

REHART at the MINT day at Realschule Wassertrüdingen

Last week Realschule Wassertrüdingen (secondary school) once again invited regional enterprises to enable 8th and 9th form students to look into the subject of vocational training. We were pleased to accept this invitation and appreciated the chance to give the young people an impression of what REHART does and what apprenticeships and training positions we can offer.

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Group picture of the study tour participants

Study tour for students

ZI (Ziegelindustrie International - International Brick Industry Association) regularly invites interested students to participate in study tours. In this context, while visiting successfully operating companies in this sector, the students are able to get an interesting insight into how bricks are produced.

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Patented - fish migration screw next to the hydropower screw

Patent extended to Turkey

Our solution to position a fish migration screw next to the hydropower screw has now also been patented for Turkey. This structure enables us ...

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guests from Estonia

An enthusiastic delegation from Estonia

A short while ago REHARTPOWER hydropower station in Pilsing, Lower Austria, was visited by top-level guests from Estonia. The delegation of representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Environment and the University of Life Sciences, ...

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Hydropower in France

Hydropower in France

What we call a “small hydropower plant” is also a very interesting subject for our European neighbors in France, which is why REHART participated in the trade fair “Rencontres France Hydro Électricité” for the first time.

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The water lifting screw shortly before transport

1005 liters per second

In future this considerable volume of wastewater will be pumped per second in a wastewater treatment plant in the Gütersloh region by the largest tubular lifting auger ever built by REHART.

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The FAS next to a turbine

FAS works – even along with a turbine

“Based on comprehensive analyses - with proper installation – it is easy for all fish species and age groups to pass through the FAS at the power plant Lugitsch.” This is the final sentence of the report of the engineering company Parthl as regards proof of functionality of the fish migration screw (FAS) System Rehart/Strasser at the power plant Lugitsch at the River Raab in Austria.

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The Logo of DWA

Rehart new DWA member

In March 2017 Rehart GmbH became an official member of Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (DWA). This membership offers latest industry information and an excellent network for experts, engineers and businessmen of water management.

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Stephan Bauer and Philipp Schülein at their project booth

Rehart at the Technikerbörse in Nuremberg

9 March was the big day: Stephan Bauer and Philipp Schülein presented their project work on “The development of a component system for maintenance-free bearings” at the Technikerbörse (Engineering Exchange) at the Rudolf-Diesel-Fachschule (RDF) in Nuremberg. Following the presentations the companies present at the fair were keen to solicit applications from the young technicians and engineers, who will soon complete their studies.

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Following the successful debut of the REHARTGROUP at IFAT 2016 in Munich, the specialist in wastewater technology, hydropower systems and Archimedean screw pumps will be participating in IFAT EURASIA 2017 in Istanbul as well.

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The hydropower system at Schwebelsbach shortly after commissioning

Energy award for hydropower plant by REHARTPOWER

Every year since 2010 the district Dachau has been honouring projects which generate energy from renewable sources, distribute power innovatively or save it in a creative manner. 2016 a system by REHARTPOWER, the “hydropower screw Schwebelsbach” in Upper Bavarian Haimhausen was among the award winners.

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Gerhard Wolf and Ralph Edelhäußer, Mayor of Roth, surveying the hydroelectric power plant at Heckerwehr

FAS – now available for German fish, too

After the success of our pilot project in Pilsing, Austria, we were delighted to celebrate the first fish migration screw FAS System Rehart/Strasser in Germany.

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Well-attended booth of REHARTGROUP

IFAT 2016 – a great success

Over 3,000 exhibitors and nearly 140,000 visitors from 170 nations - with these numbers the IFAT rightly bears the title of "World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies".

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RehartGroup at IFAT 2016


After the successful take over by RehartGroup you can again convince yourselves of the high quality and sophisticated solutions of Schreiber-Products at this year’s IFAT.

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QM Certificate 2016

Certified and motivated

Rehart GmbH is starting motivated into Spring 2016 after successful recertification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 by pdcaCert GmbH.

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Dein Start in die Zukunft - Ausbildung bei Rehart

Your start into future

You are interested in metal and how to handle and use it professionally? You like to be creative on the computer and realize your own ideas to create technical constructions? Additionally you are searching for an apprenticeship?

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The RehartPower exhibition stand shortly before the opening of the trade fair.


RehartPower can look back at a successful participation in Europe’s largest hydropower trade fair.

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The new automatic welder at its “workplace“

Investment in man and machine

This year Rehart GmbH has made inventions in expanding its machinery and the corresponding training of its staff members.

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The team of Rehart Thüringen with the Managing Director Klaus Schülein (on the far right)

Two reasons for celebration

Reason enough for celebration on November 27, 2015: the opening of the new production hall in Staitz, Thuringia and the 25th anniversary of Rehart GmbH.

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Aerial view of the system in Pilsing

“Kollaudierung” of our fish migration screw (FAS) or “Now it’s official!”

The term “Kollaudierung” commonly used in Austria is the official approval of a technical system. Our FAS pilot plant in Pilsing, Austria, passed this test with flying colors ...

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The “Indian“ hydropower station prior to its delivery

Hydropower looking out on the Himalaya

At the end of October Jash Engineering Ltd., with its headquarters in Indore, India, reported that they had completed the first hydropower station for an Indian customer produced by Jash.

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Group photo of the Turkish delegation

From the Bosporus to Munich

On October 22, 2015 RehartGroup organized a factory tour of the Hörl & Hartmann Ziegeltechnik factory for a delegation of the Turkish brick works association TUKDER and presented the visitors the wide range of products and services for the brick industry at the stand of RehartGroup.

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Constant stream of visitors at the stand of RehartGroup

CERAMITEC – Where the ceramics industry gets together

RehartGroup looks back on a successful participation in the international leading trade fair of the ceramics industry CERAMITEC from 20 to 23 October 2015 in Munich.

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Interested students at the Rehart stand

Your start into the future

Rehart presented its training professions at the vocational training fair CONTACT in Wassertrüdingen.

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Christian Habermann at the presentation in Liechtenstein

Impressive presentation of the new Rehart fish migration screw (FAS)

RehartPower gave an impressive presentation on the new fish migration screw at the User Forum for Small-scale Hydropower in Liechtenstein.

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One of the flatbed trucks with the decanters

Decanters on tour

Today a total of six decanters SDK 450 for a wastewater treatment plant in the United States of America were sent to Bremerhaven for shipment.

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Petersen machine on installation

Milestone in Africa

PetersenService delivers entire preparation and shaping system to Algeria.

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Making of the film “Leben mit der Energiewende 3 – Selber machen“

Rehart hydropower screw conquers the movie screen

For his movie "Leben mit der Energiewende 3" the author and director Frank Farenski visited a hydropower plant by Rehart Power in Jagsttal.

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Petersen presents product portfolio in Moscow at Mosbuild

From April 14 to April 17, 2015 the RehartGroup attended the largest fair of the building industry in Russia.

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Fertigung einer Wasserkraftschnecke

Hydropower Made in Germany

Rehart is pleased with well-filled order books in the hydropower sector. Four systems are currently in the final assembly stage and will be delivered soon to their destination to produce “clean” power.

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Schreiber Technology pumping station

RehartGroup takes over Schreiber Technology

We are pleased to inform you that Rehart has acquired the trademark rights, archive and inventory of Schreiber Technology GmbH. On 01.06.2014 we as the RehartGroup assumed responsibility for the customer care of Schreiber Technology customers. Rehart took over all employees of Schreiber Technology GmbH and intends to fully continue the activities and expand them on a medium-term basis.

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TUKDER Regional Meeting of the Turkish Brick Works Association January 2015

Rehart Group informs brickwork operators, works managers and executives from the Turkish brickworks industry.

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