the team from Ansbach University


Hydropower is still a difficult matter, as the regulations in Germany make it very difficult to get permission for the construction of a plant and then operate it at a profit.

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DIALOG - the journal for our customers and partners

New DIALOG has been published

A new issue of DIALOG - the journal for our customers and partners - has been published.

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Climate-friendly is our new standard


The large photovoltaic system on the roof of the production halls at REHART has been in operation for many years. To cover the additional energy demand in a climate-friendly way, REHART relies on LichtBlick.

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Donation projects 2020

Last year, REHART management decided to support three social projects. For our selection, a personal and regional relation was important.

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Assembly of the waste hoppers at REHART

Quite a big thing ...

Every year the very substantial volume of 1.4 million tons of waste is incinerated at AEB in Amsterdam, making it the largest waste incineration plant in the Netherlands. Around one million MWh of electricity is generated per year, supplying 320,000 households with energy.

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handover of the models in munich

REHARTPOWER in Deutsches Museum

As part of the general refurbishment of Deutsches Museum in Munich the exhibition “Energietechnik/Kraftmaschinen” [“Energy technology/Prime movers”] will also be modernised. The curator in charge asked us, as manufacturers of hydropower plants REHART GmbH, if we could provide two exhibits for this. After a short internal discussion we quickly decided that this would be an ideal project for our trainees.

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For the second time in a row Rehart GmbH has been granted the award “Zi Best Service Supplier 2019”.

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