Food sector

Components and screws made of stainless steel comply with the highest demands as regards hygiene and reliability.

The ceramic composite material nanoseal is used for the type “LM“ – approved for use with foodstuffs – for wear protection of augers and compacting screws and pumps. With its excellent anti-adhesive characteristics nanoseal makes for improved production and facilitates discharging and cleaning, for instance with tacky products.

The ceramic material can be used as an adhesive for bonding components if a welded joint would damage the components. nanoseal is applied as anti-slip coating on the floors of the production areas, ladders and climbing aids.

Anti-slip coating blast freezer

Anti-slip coating
Blast freezer

Extrusion auger (Meat processing)

Extrusion auger (Food processing)
for meat processing

Rotary pump casing

Rotary pump casing
with drinking water coating