Stainless steel mixing augersStainless steel mixing augers and augers of all sizes and for different areas of fine ceramics

Fine ceramics

When manufacturing fine ceramics products it is decisive to have total control in all phases of the manufacturing process. With shaping, maximum care is necessary to produce top quality products.

Porcelain production
We optimize production processes for shaping. The extruder is specially tailored to the production of porcelain for which we deliver wear-resistant spare parts. These are produced independently from the manufacturer and according to customer specifications as well as machinery for material preparation.

Technical ceramics
We manufacture and refurbish stainless steel augers and deliver spare parts and coatings for wear protection independent from the manufacturer.

For the preparation of ceramic bodies we manufacture stainless steel augers for catalyst manufacturers. They are characterized by an extremely low abrasion level. We refurbish these augers as well as third-party brands.

From optimization of shaping to refurbishment and delivery of wear-resistant spare parts – also for products of other manufacturers.

Extruder and vertical pre-press

Extruder and vertical pre-press

Auger stainless steel

Auger stainless steel
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