Wear protection for an auger in a gravel plantWear protection for an auger in a gravel plant

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Wear protection for augers

Cement and asphalt industry

In cement plants, for gravel extraction or asphalt production a smooth process depends very much on the technical infrastructure. There are tough conditions and abrasive wear is enourmous. Our applications engineering does not only search permanently for the causes leading to repairs, we also develop the necessary preventive measures.

30 years experience assures our customers from cement and asphalt industry of the custom-fit solution, e.g. we equip an auger with high performance wear protection only in the most severely stressed areas. The less burdened part is coated with the ceramic composite material nanoseal.

This is a matter of economic efficiency: We prolong the running time and delay the replacement as long as possible. Without unscheduled machine downtime.